CalendOne - when two
schedules become one

Time is our most valuable asset. With Calendone instantly find mutual availability and save precious hours, all without opening your calendar.

" As a freelancer, CalendOne is an irreplaceable tool for me when setting up meetings with my customers. It helps me overcome the problem that we don’t see each others’ calendars, which would otherwise result in time wasted by meeting planning. "

- Michael Illa Project manager

Product Showcase

See how it looks like if you send somebody an invite link and how they can link their calendar to save their valuable time.

" The CalendOne Chrome extension has been a game-changer for me. It's not just about coordinating schedules; it's a significant boost to my productivity, integrating seamlessly into my workflow. "

- Vojtech Oravec AI Researcher / Python developer

Calendar Sync

CalendOne effortlessly syncs your calendar with your invitee's, regardless of their organization. Say goodbye to manual schedule checks and hello to automatic alignment.

  • Sync multiple calendars instantly.
  • Automatic scheduling alignment.
See in action

Chrome Extension

Maximize your productivity with our easy-to-use Chrome Extension. Create invites and enhance your communication without leaving your browser.

  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • One-click meeting setup.
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Details Preselection

Set specific timeframes for each invite and use custom titles to convey the meeting's intent. Ensure smooth coordination while maintaining respect for your time.

  • Tailored invite timeframes.
  • Clear intent with custom titles.
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Save ⏳

6+ hours

Become ⚡

2x more productive

Get 🧠

5x more focus time

Be 💙

100% happy

✨ Ready to reunite with simplicity?

Turn "I'm too busy" into "Let's schedule this." Start syncing with ease and reclaim your day. Because with CalendOne, two schedules merge into one seamless plan.